microdrones UAV platforms

md4-200 UAV platform with 30 minutes flight time and 200g payload. Rain and dust resistant.

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md4-1000 UAV platform with 88 minutes flight time and 1200g payload. Rain and dust resistant.

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Advantages of microdrones in archaeology

Advantages of microdrones in archaeology

Interview with Prof. Geert Verhoeven "Advantages of the microdrone in archaeology".

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Excavation Support with md4-200

Stereoscopic images taken from a microdrone md4-200.

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Photogrammetry microdrone md4-1000

microdrone platforms can operate at small heights not allowed for planes, such as 80m. This introduces microdrones in the field of topography, actually achieving topographic precisions. A microdrone is ideal for urban areas, medium or large sized rural works or places with difficult access. It requires shorter times to complete the work than topographic methods, hence providing a more economical alternative.

>> Read case study "Aerial Mapping: Photogrammetry with the helpf microdrones md4-1000"